by Young Mountain

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Demo Ep


released January 12, 2014

Music and lyrics by: Young Mountain
Songs recorded by Young Mountain

Vocals recorded and mixing done by Zimon Holmberg @ Beardy Men Records (



all rights reserved


Young Mountain Gothenburg, Sweden

5 piece atmospheric hardcore band from Gothenburg.

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Track Name: Jag Begravde Solen
Jag begravde solen i dina ögon
kommer jag att någonsin hitta hem?


Jag hoppas att du vet o jag hoppas att du ser mig
som en vacker tragedi
ett kapitel i ditt liv

Jag hoppas att du vet o jag hoppas att du ser mig
som en vacker tragedi
ett kapitel i ditt liv

Mitt hopp ligger i en dröm du gav mig
som ljudet av en bitter harmoni
Track Name: Dessa Väggar Viskar
Hemsökt av dessa tankar, sen den dagen då du gick bort.
Jag har skrattat, skrikigt och gråtit i min ensamhet.

En hopplöshet som sprider sig, som en sjukdom utan ett botemedel.

Är det meningen att man ska leva på minnen? när allt som finns kvar av dig är dessa fotografier.
Hur ska jag leva i en värld där tiden står stilla och ändå går allt för fort för mig.

Dessa väggar viskar med röster som jag verkar minnas
Vad försöker de säga mig?
Har jag förlorat mig själv i min egna förtvivlan?

Kom tillbaks till mig
Jag vill inte vara ensam kvar

Kom tillbaks till mig
Jag vill inte vara ensam kvar
Track Name: Seasons Apart
I wonder where you where at night
what you felt,and what the taste of the wind was like
and how your eyes glimmer in the moonlight

It's written here,
in every simple little thing
I'll just laugh because it hurts to much
and walking home seems to take forever
when im in a pensive mood
i wonder if you
had just a moment to think..
seasons and structures seem to change

now i just keep my head down staring at the ground

if only the pieces of my heart could be assembled again,
but theyre far too many and scattered all over the place
will i ever see you again? in the same light as i used to

i loved you, i still love you, but you will be the last one, you will be the last

those songs will forever be ours
but these times might not be

i'm ready to let go, i'm ready to live as birds and wolves
with no intention of any future
always a season apart

you will be the last
Track Name: Growing Hands
Explain to me, Im not sure if i understand
What if these bones are nothing more
but breath and shadow

is this all there is?
hoping and praying
as we learn to dream away the pain

I guess its a part of growing
Hearts giving in and Hearts giving up

I think im ready to have eyes and hands
and use my own lungs.
I think im ready to swallow my own shadow
and wither away
Track Name: Your Name Means Loved
I sit in my room and stare at the wall
watching time float away.
It's so much harder, harder to breath
With a hole growing in the chest.

The days go on, theres a writing on the wall, right next to the picture of you.
I try to hide the fact that im afraid to feel anything at all.

And all my friends, they try to cheer me up
"come on man, things get better with time".

But i fear this has become a too big part of me.
It's hard to take when you're always breathing for two.
Some nights i'm having trouble falling asleep, some nights i wish i would never wake up.

Did i ever tell you how much i drowned in the blue of your eyes?
And how you looked at me made feel like i never felt before.

Everytime i close my eyes all i see, is your face.

They say carry on, you'll have to stay strong